Animation film
Svenja Plaas

ca. 15-20 min. (3 min. Trailer shown above)
Languages: German, Swiss-german, French, English

Concept, Interviews, Animation: Svenja Plaas
Production: Rudolf Takacs, Lixi Frank
Sound Design: Lenja Gathmann
Support Anmation: Giordano Canova

In SOUVENIR, we hear people trying to recall personal memories – memories of U2-concerts in the bedroom of their parents, of messy paddling pools, of the warmth of gigantic cows, the first kiss, of getting lost in the fog or in a shopping center… and how was the day like when there was a nuclear accident at Tschernobyl or the day Lady Di died?

Memories are almost never very clear, but fragmentary, fluctuating, vanishing, – the storytelling is always an interpretation of the past by the present.

The animation film SOUVENIR is the experiment of visualizing the process of remembering. In the soundtrack we hear people recalling personal memories, simultaneuosly we can see a black and white drawing trying to follow all the turns the story takes, absorbing surprises and new information the narration comes up with.