Experimental Film
concept/camera: Regina Hügli
sounds: Stefan Baumann
HD, Color, 5 min.

“Outside, time might be a river, flowing in line.
But inside here the flow of time forms swirls, cascades and pools…”

Tableaux vivants of medieval architecture flooded by projections of water – illusionistic imagery emerges, water seems to flood the building, flowing through a hall, cascading down the stairs etc. Suspending gravity, the projected water only follows optical rules.

The visual inundation of the rooms evokes an emotional loss: the house as asylum and shelter, as an acient location carrying traces of human history, is being submerged by the „relentless and involuntary“ element.
The traces of individuality are absorbed by the gush of our collective history, the passed-on memories of all events out of all perpectives, and swept away by the flood.

The film location was the medieval “Maison du Prieur” of the abby of Romainmôtier, CH.  A spring emerges in the building’s basement, an annex arches the river Noxon.